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Legal and medical consequences of study drugs

Trying to stay awake for class is often hard, especially when you have to cram for your class exams. Some students choose to drink coffee, but others opt to take a different route. "Study drugs" are one illegal way that some students try to stay awake for long periods of time so they can go to class, study and still have some sort of social life.

Domestic violence charges might impact professional licenses

Facing criminal charges is difficult even in the best of circumstances. Some people can face these charges without having to worry about what is going to happen with their professional life. For others, the mere whisper of a criminal charge is enough to instill fear because they know that they might face some professional consequences due to the charge or a conviction.

Police pounce on less than an ounce

With as little as a few ounces of marijuana, you could end up facing criminal drug possession charges in some areas of Texas. In fact, despite that some cities have lowered the penalties for possessing small amounts of marijuana, the state of Texas still considers possession of a gram or less to be a felony.

The physical and criminal dangers of marijuana edibles

There are all sorts of ways to consume different drug types. When it comes to marijuana, the most common consumption method is smoking. However, eating marijuana is quickly becoming more popular. Edibles can be extremely dangerous and those caught with them may face a number of serious criminal consequences.